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The Bro Golf Club

The Bro Golf Club (BGC), founded in 2002, is dedicated to promoting the spirit of camaraderie, competition, and fair play among a select number of golfers.

Through the BGC, members learn the official rules of golf, maintain an accurate and peer-reviewed index, compete in sanctioned golf competitions, and meet on a semi-regular basis at the Eagles Club in Redondo Beach. 

The competitions culminate in the two BGC majors: the BGC Ryder Cup, held in the Spring, and the Bro Golf Club Championships, held in the Fall. The BGC is a member club of the Southern California Golf Association.

Go here to see a copy of the BGC bylaws and here to see the minutes from the historic first BGC meeting.

* * *

A Club
Is a haven of refuge and accord in a world torn by strife and discord:
Is a place where people of quality gather to have fun and make friends:
Is a place of courtesy, good breeding and good manners:
Is a place expressly for camaraderie, merriment, good cheer and good will:
It humbles the mighty, draws out the timid, and casts out the sorehead:
And is one of the noblest inventions of mankind!

- The founders of St. Andrews


Board of Directors


Chris Warshaw - President

Tim Walmer - Vice President

Jake Courtney - Membership Chairman

Terry Nolan - Handicap Chairman

Greg Fontana - Tournament and Competitions Chairman

Matt Dodd - Social Chairman

Charlie Cangialosi - Treasurer

Chris Carico - Legal Counsel


Contact the Bro Golf Club at bgc@brogolfclub.com