The heart of the BGC is the handicapping system. All members are required to maintain accurate, peer-reviewed indexes through the Southern California Golf Association and the United States Golf Association.  Members are expected to be familiar with the handicapping procedures of these organizations.

Members are required to post immediately after each round either at the course or using the mobile GHIN app. Before posting all scores must be adjusted using Equitable Stroke Control. The maximum score that can be taken on any hole for purposes of posting is net double bogey.

On a monthly basis, posted scores for the previous month are circulated among the membership. Members then review each other’s posted scores for accuracy and, if necessary, corrections are made to the scores. In cases of disputed scores, all members are given due process to counter claims of incorrect posting. Those found to be posting inaccurate scores or failing to post, however, will be dealt with harshly and may have their handicap adjusted. Repeated failure to post may result in expulsion from the club.

Incomplete Rounds or Holes

If you play at least thirteen holes, you are required to post that round as an 18 hole score. The score you use for the holes you did not complete is determined by taking par plus any handicap strokes you would be entitled to on that hole. For example, if your course handicap is 10 and you did not complete the eighteenth hole, a par-4 and the number six handicap hole, you would record a 5 on that hole.

Adjustments to Indexes

The BGC Handicap Committee has the obligation to ensure that each member’s index accurately reflects his playing ability. Under the following, hopefully rare, circumstances it will be necessary for the Handicap Committee to make adjustments to a member’s index. Before taking action, the Committee must give the player opportunity to respond to the adjustment, either in writing or by appearing before the Committee.

An adjustment is typically made for any of the following reasons:

  • Improving Faster than the System Can React. A member just taking up the game may improve too rapidly for his index to be handled equitably by the standard procedure.
  • Failure to Post Scores. An index may adjusted if a player does not post all scores or otherwise does not observe the spirit of the Handicap System.

If a player manipulates his scores to influence his index, the Handicap Committee will adjust or withdraw his index, depending on the severity of the offense. Examples of manipulating scores include:

  • Posting erroneous scores;
  • Stopping play after 12 holes to avoid posting scores;
  • Repeatedly playing more than one ball to avoid posting scores;
  • Not adjusting hole scores; or
  • Deliberately reporting more or fewer strokes than actually scored.

Duration of Adjustment by Handicap Committee

The Handicap Committee will determine how long a player’s Handicap Index is to remain modified.

Handicap Index Withdrawal

If a player repeatedly fails to meet his obligations under the USGA Handicap System, the Handicap Committee will withdraw the player’s index. Before any action is taken, the player will be advised of the information available to the Committee, and shall be invited to respond to the Committee either in writing or by appearing in person before the Committee. A player whose index has been withdrawn may not enter any BGC competition until he has been reinstated under conditions set forth by the Handicap Committee.